User Guidelines

You may access your dashboard by signing in to KDealer using your User ID and Password. The following choices are displayed on the dashboard:


My Draught Cases: These are the cases you’ve generated and given the Draught status, but you haven’t yet sent them to Kia.

My Open Cases: This is the total number of cases you have filed, are working on, or are awaiting your response.

Dealer Open Cases: The total number of user-submitted cases that your business has received. You may get a whole list of pertinent cases by selecting the count.

How To Handle The Case Details?

Creating a Case

  • By selecting the “New Case” option found close to the top of the header bar, a new case may be created. Next, input the whole 17-digit VIN if the issue involves a car, then click “Validate.” If the situation doesn’t include a car, choose “No.”
  • After the VIN has been verified, select the Category. Select the Components radio button under “Prior Warranty Authorization.”
  • If you type a keyword into the text box and choose “More Information,” you may learn whether KGIS has a fix for the problem by choosing “Repair Assistance” or “Quality Review.”
  • You may also see if the same car has been the subject of any previous cases. Next, select “Create Case” to move on to the following page.

Case Search

  • When you wish to search for a case, there is a magnifying glass symbol next to the “New Case” option in the header bar.
  • Click on the magnifying glass to reveal the search fields.
  • You can look for Consumer Affairs (CA) or Techline cases if you’d like. To search Techline cases, choose “Techline” as the Case Type.
  • The approximate date that the old case was originally opened must be entered in the “Opened Since*” (required field) by clicking on the calendar icon.
  • You will need to input the VIN in order to find a case that is not yours.
  • To find Consumer Affairs (CA) cases, choose “Consumer Affairs” as the Case Type.