Portal Access

Information regarding KMA and its dealerships is stored in these systems, and it is considered private and confidential. Visit www.kdealer.com to see the official webpage. KDealer connects authorised Kia dealers with Kia Motors America (KMA) dealer-only applications and services.


Case files, ongoing projects, and dealer details may all be accessed with a single login to the site.

KDealer.com Portal Access

You can use the portal for a wide range of purposes with your login credentials. Here are a few examples:

Entering Case Details 

  • The case may be saved at any moment by selecting “Save as Draught” from the case information page. After saving a case to your “My Draught Cases” tab, you may return there to finish and submit it.
  • Don’t hit “Submit Case” until you’re ready to report the case to the Kia Techline Help Desk.
  • The required fields have a red asterisk next to them. If these information is missing, you will not be able to submit the case.
  • The email address you used to sign up for KDealer will be pre-filled in this box. If the provided email address is inaccurate or you want to be contacted at a different address, you may make the necessary changes on the case information page.

Viewing Advice

  • As soon as a Kia Techline agent has reviewed your case they will add a comment to the file. If you go to “My Open Cases” and then “Search for a Case,” you should be able to find the one that pertains to the advise you’re looking for.
  • Enter comments in the Advice section’s open text box if you need more information or want to continue communicating with the Techline agent. Then, click “Update Case.”
  • To indicate that the problem has been handled thanks to the advise given, please click the “Close Case” button.
  • If a Techline agent is dealing with a “Repair Assistance” case, they may be instructed to create a PWA case instead. This button allows you to quickly initiate a new PWA case.