Reset Credentials

Accessing Kia Motors America’s programmes and systems, which contain private data about the firm and its dealerships, is safe and secure through the KDealer portal. Before you may log in, you must first gain access to this site from your Dealership Administrator.


You may easily reset your login information if you can’t remember it by following the directions below.

How to Reset Account Credentials?

How to Reset a Forgotten Password: If you ever forget your KDealer user ID or password, just follow these instructions to reset them on the official website:

Steps For Retrieving the Forgotten Password:

  • Click the Forgot Password option on the login page.
  • This service allows KMA team members, dealer staff, and associate firms to change their credentials.
  • If you as a KMA team member require more support, kindly get in touch with the Help Desk.​​

Steps For Retrieving the Forgotten User ID:

You can get your user name back if you lose it. You will get an email with your user name at your registered email address after supplying the necessary information. In order to recover a lost user ID:

  • Type into the address bar and hit Enter. You will see the KDealer login screen.
  • Click Forgot User ID if necessary. You will be sent to the page for lost user IDs.
  • Click CONTINUE after entering your registered email address in the Enter Email box. When you click the Forgot User ID button, a screen with a confirmation message will load.
  • After selecting CONTINUE TO LOGIN, you will be sent to the login page.
  • When you provide your email address, a message is sent to the user with the user ID.
  • If you did not get the email, click Resend Email on the Forgot Password page.

You can get help from our customer care staff if you need it with password resets or accessing your account; they can direct you further.